Lectures on Identity and Anonymity

11 December 2007

I was kindly invited by Peeter Laud and Jan Villemson to teach part of the Tartu University course on cryptographic protocols. The theme chosen for the 6 hours of lectures was “Identity and Anonymity“.

 It started with an introduction to authentication protocols, illustarted by the state-of-the-art Just Fast Keying, an authenticated Diffie-Hellaman with DoS protection and privacy, as well as the PAK protocol for authenticated key exchange using a short password (like a PIN). The second 1.5 hours of the lecture series went into the technical details of Brands anonymous credentials, building from simple zero-knowledge protocols, such as Schnorr identification, all the way to how to prove a that a set of linear relation holds on some attributes.

  • Lecture notes on authentication protocols and anonymous credentials (PDF, PPTX)

The second half of the lecture series (3 hours) was devoted to anonymous communications — my pet subject. It contained a review of the Dining Cryptographers protocol for unconditional anonymity, as well as the basic mix constructions to build practical systems. It also described how onion routing works as well as how to measure anonymity and the basics of disclosure attacks on repeated communications.

  • Lecture notes on anonymous communications and traffic analysis (PDF, PPTX)

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