PET 2008 Program is out!

21 April 2008

The list of accepted papers for the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium for 2008 (PET) has just been published. The program this year is very heavy on anonymous communication, and traffic analysis, cementing the symposiumas the de-facto venue in these disciplines.

A selection of papers to appear, that make a very interesting read  (thanks to the authors giving me a copy!), include:

  • Studying Timing Analysis on the Internet with SubRosa
    Hatim Daginawala and Matthew Wright (University of Texas at Arlington, USA)
  • Perfect Matching Disclosure Attacks
    Carmela Troncoso, Benedikt Gierlichs, Bart Preneel, and Ingrid Verbauwhede (COSIC, K.U. Leuven, Belgium)
  • On the Impact of Social Network Profiling on Anonymity
    Claudia Diaz, Carmela Troncoso (K.U.Leuven, Belgium), and Andrei Serjantov (The Free Haven Project, UK)
  • Chattering Laptops
    Tuomas Aura (Microsoft Research, UK), Janne Lindqvist (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland), Michael Roe (Microsoft Research, UK), and Anish Mohammed (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK)
  • Metrics for Security and Performance in Low-Latency Anonymity Systems
    Steven J. Murdoch and Robert N. M. Watson (Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK)

I should blog in detail about our own contributions, when the final drafts are in, so that I can provide a link to the full text:

  • Bridging and Fingerprinting: Epistemic Attacks on Route Selection
    George Danezis (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK) and Paul Syverson (Naval Research Laboratory, USA)
  • How to Bypass Two Anonymity Revocation Schemes
    George Danezis (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK) and Len Sassaman (K.U. Leuven, Belgium)

Lets not forget that the PET Award for 2008 deadline is still ahead of us, and good papers from the last two years deserve to be nominated for it!


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