Pay-as-you-drive “wins” German Big Brother Award

11 June 2008

The German Big Brother award winners’ list is out, and the Technology award was given to a Pay-as-you-drive insurance company. The nomination and award statement reads:

The Big Brother Award 2007 in the “Technology” category goes to

PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG,
represented by Dr Hans Hubschneider

for their system for individual rating of car insurances with the so-called “pay-as-you-drive” technology, i.e. a device that records routes and driving behaviour in a car and transmits these data to the insurance company. […]

It is good to see that for once Privacy Technology proposals are not lagging behind: an interdisciplinary team from K.U.Leuven has already put forward a proposal for a privacy friendly pay-as-you-drive scheme.

Carmela Troncoso, George Danezis, Eleni Kosta, Bart Preneel: Pripayd: privacy friendly pay-as-you-drive insurance. WPES 2007: 99-107


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