In real time: Coordinated Scan Detection

10 February 2009

I am currently at NDSS 2009, to present our recent work with Prateek Mittal on SybilInfer [pdf], an inference engine to detect sybil attacks in social networks. Interestingly Carrie Gates is also presenting (right now) a traffic analysis paper on detecting coordinated scans. It would be greatly improved if cast in an inference framework but the techniques and assumptions are still quite interesting.

Coordinated Scan Detection

Carrie Gates, CA Labs
Coordinated attacks distribute the tasks involved in an attack amongst multiple sources. We present a detection algorithm that is based on an adversary model of desired information gain and employs heuristics similar to those for solving the set covering problem. A detector is developed and tested against coordinated horizontal and strobe scanning activity. Experimental results demonstrate an acceptably low false positive rate, and we discuss the conditions required to maximize the detection rate.

Strangely I cannot find a copy of it on-line…


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