Anonymity in the wild (social network)

6 July 2011

Shishir Nagaraja has pointed out that our Drac anonymity system is not the first one to consider an anonymity network overlayed on a social network. The performance versus security of routing messages over a social network was already considered in his work entitled ‘anonymity in the wild’.

Shishir Nagaraja: Anonymity in the Wild: Mixes on Unstructured Networks. Privacy Enhancing Technologies 2007: 254-271 [pdf][ppt]

This is important prior work and we should have cited it properly. It presents an analysis of an anonymity provided by different synthetic social network topologies, as well as real-world data from LiveJournal.


2 Responses to “Anonymity in the wild (social network)”

  1. Thorsten Strufe said

    Hi George, I stumbled over Drac through this blog entry, nice read! It seems to me that the $circuit$ in drac resembles the path through the Matryoshka’s in safebook, which has been developed more or less in parallel to Drac, I assume (WONS ’09 and some subsequent publications), or am I mistaken there? Safebook’s p2p substrate used instead of Drac’s presence server of course leads to diverting properties wrt observability, and the applications differ slightly… Thanks again,
    — t

  2. Freenet (darknet) too, though our “anonymity” isn’t as rigorous. 🙂

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