Moving to UCL …

31 October 2013

After a good few years at Microsoft Research, I am now moving to University College London to take a position on Security and Privacy Engineering, at the Computer Science Department.

I am joining a fantastic team of researchers: Angela Sasse heads the group and is doing pioneering work on human aspects of security; Jens Groth is an expert on cryptography, and zero knowledge; Nicolas Courtois is a leading cryptanalyst, and has hit the news many times in the past by demonstrating vulnerabilities in deployed systems. Alongside myself, Emiliano De Cristofaro, who works on applied cryptography and privacy, and David Pym, who has a dual interest in formal methods and economics of security, are also joining the group.

One of my first non-research tasks at UCL is to teach the  Computer Security 1 course, which is a broad introduction to the basics of computer security. As a matter of principle, namely that the highest levels of quality of protection are achieved when computer security is discussed in public, I consider that the class to be a public event and open to anyone who would like to attend (subject to space restrictions). So if you are based in London, and would like access, just let me know.


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