I have been teaching a 4 hour course as part of the FOSAD 2010 summer school in Bertinoro, Italy, on high latency anonymous communications. Hence, I have developed my course from 3 years ago, and integrated newer material on Bayesian traffic analysis (including slides contributed by Carmela Troncoso). I also prepared a fifth lecture on low-latency anonymity system, such as Tor and Crowds, but my colleague Paul Syverson gave a separate 4 hour course just on this topic.

The structure of the 5 lectures is:

  1. Basic definitions & unconditional anonymity with DC-networks.
  2. Long-term attacks on anonymity systems (Statistical / Disclosure) and their Bayesian formulation.
  3. Mix networks and anonymity metrics.
  4. The Bayesian traffic analysis of mix networks.
  5. Low-latency anonymity with onion routing and crowds.

Slides are available in Office 2010 format, Office 97-03 format and PDF (but without the cute animations).